Zen Marketing: Passive Dimensions of Creating Positive Impressions

Do something amazing, requiring a ridiculous amount of time and devotion. Then make no effort to promote it. Later, do the same thing again. It’s an exercise in discipline, craft, and generosity; and an investment—however elusive or indirect—in future returns.

Cultivate a reflexive hesitation to grandstand, employing your reserves of humility, personal experience, and understanding that “pride goeth before the fall.” (This is not the same thing as  reluctance to promote yourself, but rather a way to infuse your promotion with subtlety and grace.)

Never show your ego to the client; your own self-worth and confidence should be taken for granted. Hone your ability to inflate your accomplishments to oversize proportions, but practice the technique of holding back and deploy hype surgically. Be like the quiet karate master—capable of overkill and supremely confident, thus exuding strength and avoiding conflict altogether. 

Creating a buzz is essentially a metaphysical idea. (Has anyone ever seen or actually felt this “buzz?”) Yet the process comprises distinct, concrete steps.  Make all of these steps meaningful and organic—that is, integrated with previous and pending steps—so that they reflect both the object of the buzz and your life’s work as a whole. 

Everything you do—even random, seemingly meaningless gestures and actions—influences your future, in ways both obvious and unexpected. Pursue each opportunity or exchange mindful that it may lead to more significant ones. 

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